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Vaccinations = the Stealth Bomber of our Immune System

Homeopathy & Vaccinations

Aspects of Grief By Diane Mathers  Dip.N.A.H.(Hons)

Modality of the Month: Dog Massage — Canine Myofunctional Therapy

Animal of the Month: Pigs

The Desktop Guide to the Flower Essences for Animals

...and much more.


Challenging Animal Issues

There are a million and one websites about animal health — even more so probably on natural animal health. It is the ‘in-thing’ to go ‘natural’. There are probably a billion pieces of advice available on the internet. But our concern is that there is very little informed data that presents a multifaceted viewpoint and this is why we present this website.

Anything that has been written about on this site has been tried with the degree of success that is attributed to it, (unless it specifically notes that this does not apply for whatever reason). We maintain that we are allowed to question anything and everything, never accept that what is good for one is good for another. There is much indigenous information which has been buried under the ‘conventional blanket’ — this needs a chance to be represented, and in the light of present knowledge, be given a chance to state its case.

Please feel free to forward questions, if we don’t know, we can find out or inspire you to do some homework!

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