“We do not err because truth is difficult
to see. It is visible at a glance. We err
because this is more comfortable”

Alexander Solzhenitsyn

About the Editor

Many of us own pets — cats, dogs, fish, rabbits etc, who have NOT lost this connectedness but, under the pressure of mankind, risk having to throw this away in order to survive and humans cannot understand this and give them Prozaic and other drugs, deceiving no one in the animal kingdom but making the humans feel better.

My training started as a 2 year old growing up on a very isolated sheep station in South Wairarapa. Being the only child (at the time), my nearest playmates where the seagulls and hedgehogs that visited the farm. Many a young seagull was given nice fat worms found under stones I rolled back and many a hedgehog nest was saved from destruction when I bought home the nest of little white soft-prickled beings routed out by the pigs that trampled the countryside.

My love of nature, my conviction that humans ‘naturally’ would work alongside our mates of the natural world, that we needed to respect the wisdom of the trees and cycles of the moon, that we all learnt from each other and all worked together in unison was as strong then as it is now. Only now I feel that separateness — the isolation that man has bought upon himself since he stopped listening, since he stopped wanting to be part of the earth, since his ego became the driving force and greed became the god.

Many of us have lost the wisdom of the plants, we no longer accept that mother nature is our greatest teacher, scholars are we of our own make believe.

Sarndra G Urwin


Sarndra is a pioneer in holistic animal practices, using her training in nursing, vet nursing, hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, homeopathy, herbal medicine, holistic pulsing, massage and other modalities to develop programmes for animal health.

She was instrumental in bringing the NZ Holistic Animal Therapists Association to fruition and creating an interest in homeopathic treatment with animals with the BOP Homeopathic College.

Sarndra holds a Certificate in Adult Education and has been a Natural Animal Health Practitioner for over 30 years. She is a well-known writer on holistic animal health issues and has a busy Private Practice. She is also on national program Radio Live Talk Back the last Saturday of each month at 8pm. Ph: 0800 RADIO LIVE (0800 723 465).

Sarndra’s determination to bring professionalism to the field of natural animal health includes the development of the *Certificate in Applied Complementary Animal Health which is now facilitated through the Naturopathic College of New Zealand.

*Previously known as The St Francis College of Natural Animal Health (One Year Certificate or Three Year Diploma Course in Natural Animal Health).

“Anybody not neck-deep in denial must by now understand that the global economy is utterly incompatible with life. That much is clear. But why is that the case? A global economy effectively creates infinite demand. There you have it. That’s a problem, because no natural community — even one so fecund as the salmon used to be, or passenger pigeons, or cod, and so on ad absurdum — can support infinite demand, especially when nothing beneficial is given back. All natural communities survive and thrive on reciprocity and cycles: salmon give to forests who give to salmon who give to oceans who give to salmon. A global economy is extractive. It doesn’t give back, but follows the pattern of the machines that charactise it, converting raw materials to power. Combine an extractive (machine) economy with infinite demand, and you’ve got the death of pretty much everything it touches. A particular valley in Canada used to full of grizzly and black bears; hunters discovered the Chinese market for bear gall bladders. That is exactly what happened to great auks, passenger pigeons, Eskimo curlews, cod, salmon, sperm whales, right whales, blue whales, humpback whales, roughy, sharks, white pine, redwood, EVERYTHING. No population can support infinite demand. No population can survive a global economy. The problem is inherent, not soluble by any amount of tinkering.” Quote from “Endgame” derrick jensen


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